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C6 Corvette (2005 - Present) - More power and style for less money


Rather than start over with a clean slate, Chevrolet's engineers decided to take the best aspects of the C5 and build on them. The idea was to create a car that does more things well than performance cars costing two or three times the price. The chief goal for the new Corvette was to improve its refinement and performance while addressing every notable imperfection of the previous generation. At first glance, the 2005 Corvette appears to be little more than a styling refresh; dig deeper, though, and one quickly realizes that the C6 is much more. Exposed headlamps, not seen on a Corvette since 1962, combine with a lean grille to create a distinctive "face." Addressing complaints of the C5's big rear end, the backside was slimmed down so as not to appear as disproportionate as before. In profile, the sharply cut lines that trail away from the side vents look as if borrowed from the Dodge Viper, yet the overall look still says Corvette — even more so than the C5.

For the first time since 1968, an engine with 350 cubic inches (5.7 liters) of displacement is not offered under the Corvette's hood as the C6 uses a new 6.0-liter "LS2" V8 as its sole power plant. Output is an astounding 400 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque providing performance on par with the world's best from Italy and Germany. According to Chevrolet, the Corvette rushes from zero to 60 mph in an adrenaline-pumping 4.2 seconds continuing on to a top speed of 186 mph. The standard six-speed manual received serious upgrades, and the clutch is smoother and lighter with a shift feel that is precise and satisfying in its snick-snick shift quality.

Three suspension setups are available, and it's important to note that not one single suspension part was carried over from the C5. The standard setup provides a comfortable and controlled ride, along with the kind of precise handling you would expect. The optional F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control suspension adjusts the shock damping rates instantly in response to changing conditions. The result is an even more comfortable ride than the base suspension, yet better control during aggressive maneuvers. The Z51 package is the closest thing to "Z06-like" performance — at least this year, that is. This package includes more aggressive dampers and springs, larger stabilizer bars, shorter transmission gearing and larger cross-drilled brake rotors. Even in Z51 form, the 'Vette would make a perfectly acceptable daily driver. Regardless of suspension setup, the chassis manages to be both highly capable and forgiving.

In the cockpit, everything from materials quality to overall ergonomics is vastly improved. The seats provide great support and comfort while plenty of headroom gives the cockpit an open and airy feel. The straightforward climate control setup is light-years ahead of anything else in the Corvette's segment. Only the mostly hidden button clusters that flank the gauges mar the superb layout. The standard removable top is now easy to remove and install, and can be handled by one person. Gone are the days of erector-set tools and ill-fitting connectors. Even the top storage brackets in the rear hatch were carefully engineered to keep a firm — and quiet — grasp of the stowed top.

With the C6, Chevrolet's engineers outdid themselves; the newest Corvette's handling is spot-on, the powertrain is smooth and scary-fast, the look is classy and the ergonomics top-notch. Making this all the more impressive is that the C6's base price is actually less than the outgoing 'Vette's.

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